Comic Book Series

Damiano is one of the deuteragonists of Un/Sacred and is the boyfriend/husband of Angelina


Damiano is the son of two devils and was conceived when they were filming a porno. Despite their high libido making Damiano uncomfortable and Damiano being generally rambunctious they have a strong and loving relationship.

When he was a child, Damiano would first meet Angelina at a grocery when his and Angelina's mothers argued with each other but would forget about her for twenty years.

While performing at a concert, Breaking Ball would get booed off leading to Damiano to attempt a crowd dive only for the crowd to disperse expect for Angelina, whom he faceplanted into her breasts. After that he askes her out on a date and she accepts despite her friends opposition. Damiano primarily went out with Angelina expecting to have a short sexual relationship but ended up staying with her for another seven years.

Though Damiano would try to encourage Angelina to have sex or at least foreplay but to no avail either through Angelina's commitment to waiting until marriage or her general naivety. Despite his frustration he still ultimately cares for Angelina's well being despite his adversity towards getting married.

Over time Damiano with the help of Angelina's students would propose to her. Afterwards Angelina decided to have sex with Damiano for the first time. While feeling Angelina up during the build up he would finish too early and struggle to erect again despite Angelina undressing herself. Despite what seemed like defeat Damiano got his second wind and made love to Angelina for the first time.

After some time Damiano would introduce Angelina to his parents (and as it would turn out the old man who sold Angelina ball holders and the man who groped her on the bus was in fact Damiano's father) and meet Angelina's mother much to her disapproval of Angelina being engaged to a devil.

During their engagement Angelina would make numerous attempts to become pregnant much to Damiano's fear. Once again he shows a lack of commitment and nervousness this time towards becoming a father and believing he'd have to leave Breaking Balls to find a more stable job.

The two would finally get married at a church (where all devils suffer pain) by Angelina's mother, much to her disappointment and after the wedding disown Angelina. Damiano would comfort Angelina during their honeymoon reassuring her that he would be there for her leading to the two making love once more. This time however Angelina reveals she tested positive on her pregnancy test.


- Damiano's name is Greek for "untamed one" or "powerful one"

- Damiano's parents choose the name by counting how many times they had sex each day of the week and using the corresponding letter

- Even after getting married, Angelina revealed they do not have sex very much

- Despite his sexual appetite Damiano has his limits to how much sex he can take as shown in Issue #3

- Angelina's cellophane suit gives him strange nightmares

- Damiano has had a variety of occupations throughout the series

- Prior to having sex with Angelina, Damiano's only sexual experiences were with a stuffed toy and Guida when they were drunk

- Ironically enough Angelina once had a nightmare about Damiano leaving her for Guida