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Angelina is one of the deuteragonists of Un/Sacred and the girlfriend/wife of



Angelina was born to two angels and raised by her mother by herself. Because of her father leaving, her mother made Angelina promise she would wait until marriage before having sex.

Angelina first met Damino when they were children at the grocery store after their mothers got into an argument but would forget him for anther 20 years. The two would reunite at a concert when Damiano jumped off the stage and faceplanted into Angelina's breasts. From there they would start dating with Damiano primary focusing on having sex but Angelina would reject his advancements until they are married.

After seven years of dating, Damiano would propose to Angelina and agree to have sex with him for the first time. When Angelina was on the bus to meet Damiano's parents, the old man who sold her the "Ball Holder" groped her leading to her to punch him and then again after he suggested a threesome. As it would turn out that man was Damiano's father. She would eventually introduce Damiano to her mother much to her dismay at his ugly appearance and being a devil. After having sex the two would continue to have casual sex but along with that Angelina would start an obsession over children, even having sex with Damiano without a condom or birth control.

Angelina and Damiano would get married leading to her mother disowning her for marrying a devil. On their honeymoon Damiano would comfort her and have sex which she revealed to have impregnate her. Over her pregnancy she would feel insecure about her weight and figure. She then gave birth to their daughter and named her Eden. While Damiano found a job as a waiter at a restaurant he found Angelina's mother with famous actor Uriel and discovered Uriel was in fact Angelina's brother. While she was describing her erotic fantasy about Uriel, Damiano would tell her the truth much to her disgust. Angelina would eventually reconcile things with her mother and after finding her father's journal in his old house would forgive him as well.

The couple would also have two more children, twin boys named Caino and Abele.

When Eden grew up she found a boyfriend and introduced him to her and Damiano. Her boyfriend was Servino, one of Angelina's former students. She accepted Servino despite Damiano still holding a grudge against him and believing he would be a bad influence for Eden. Despite her husband's paranoia she still likes Servino and accepts him. After learning that Damiano hired male strippers to seduce their daughter she berates him over his grudge against Servino eventually leading to him to forgive and accept Servino and apologize to Eden.


Angelina is an incredibly kind and naïve angel. She is always caring for Damiano and wants to please him. However she is also childish and has shown to be relatively easy to get upset especially towards Damiano watching porn or showing affection towards other women. She is also easy to scare. Her naivety is demonstrated throughout the series in many ways from not understanding innuendos to not knowing what sex toys are used for. Despite her supposed innocence, she occasionally flashes sexual desires and thoughts, even admitting to have had erotic fantasies about Uriel. Over the series however she becomes more aware towards these things. Despite her childish personality she still feels insecure about not having sexual experiences compared to her friends. She also shows insecurity towards her appearance.


Angelina is an incredibly beautiful and curvaceous angel. She has long blonde curly hair and large blue eyes. She doesn't mind dressing revealing despite her perceived modest attitude. She also has her family mole on the bottom of her foot.


- Her name is an obvious pun on angel

- Her favorite movie is Fifty Shades Blonde staring Uriel as James Blonde

- She occasionally sleep walks and reenacts things like showering or using the toilet

- She loves the cartoon Holy Kitty