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Think Tank 2

Cover to Think Tank #2

Think Tank is published by Top Cow through Image Comics. Current price per issue is $3.99.

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Think Tank, Vol. 5 #3: 31 May 2017

Current Issue[]

Think Tank: Animal #4: 02 Aug 2017

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none scheduled


Irregular series.


Main Characters[]

  • Dr. David Loren



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Think Tank: Animal #4[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

Think Tank, Vol. 5 #3[]

Think Tank, Vol. 5 #2[]

Think Tank, Vol. 5 #1[]

Think Tank: Creative Destruction #4[]

Think Tank: Creative Destruction #3[]

Think Tank: Creative Destruction #2[]

Think Tank: Creative Destruction #1[]

Think Tank: Fun with PTSD #1[]

Think Tank #12[]


Trade Paperbacks[]

  • Think Tank - Collects #1-4. "Dr. David Loren is many things: child prodigy, inventor, genius, slacker… mass murderer. When a military think tank’s smartest scientist decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction, will he be able to think his way out of his dilemma or find himself subject to the machinations of smaller men?" - WorldCat - ISBN 1607066602
  • Think Tank, vol. 2 - Collects #5-8 & Military Dossier #1. "Two months after the flashy and brilliant escape from the DARPA funded military think he used to call his home, slacker/genius Dr. David Loren has willingly returned to his lab to continue his work that he not long ago wished to be no part of. When a weapons designer loses his moral compass, who are the true victims of his creations?" - WorldCat - ISBN 1607067455
  • Think Tank, vol. 3 - Collects #9-12. "Slacker genius Dr. David Loren used to worry about the deadly consequences of his creations from the safety of his laboratory... but not anymore! Deployed to Taiwan to oversee a field test gone awry, will having a SEAL Team as his bodyguards be enough to ensure that David returns home outside of a body bag?" - WorldCat - ISBN 1607068516
  • Think Tank, vol. 4: Creative Destruction - Collects Creative Destruction #1-4. "The US electrical grid and infrastructure is under attack by unknown sources. Russia and China are on the verge of war with each other. David Loren has his hand in it all as he's forced to toy with the world while dealing with a debilitating depression over his shattered relationship with Mirra Sway." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781632155412
  • Think Tank, vol. 5: Animal - Collects vol. 3 #1-4. "Several key NATO figures are animals? Someone has perverted Dr. David Loren's surface thought-reader and turned it into a device that sends animals on kill missions. Still recovering from his recent suicide attempt, Loren is forced back into the military game to help uncover who is behind this. His fragile relationship with Mirra Sway is tested even further when his father shows up...with a sister he didn't know he had." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781534302259



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Creative Team[]

Writer: Matt Hawkins. Artists/Covers: Rahsan Ekedal & Brian Reber.

Publishing History[]

  • Volume 1: #1-12, 2012-2014
  • Volume 2: #1-4, 2016 (Creative Destruction)
  • Volume 3: #1- , 2017-present (Vol. 5)

Future Publication Dates[]

Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

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