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The Sword is published by Image Comics. Current price per issue is $2.99.

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The Sword #23: 31 Mar 2010

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The Sword #24: 12 May 2010

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Monthly series. Scheduled for 24 issues.


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The Sword #24[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

The Sword #23[]

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The Sword #10[]


Trade Paperbacks[]

  • The Sword, vol. 1: Fire - Collects #1-6. "Modern-day fantasy about a young woman who discovers a mysteriously powerful sword after her family is brutally murdered by three powerful strangers." - WorldCat - ISBN 1582408793
  • The Sword, vol. 2: Water - Collects #7-12. "Dara Brighton has discovered more information about the three powerful strangers who murdered her family. Armed with this knowledge and the sword, her first order of business is to find Zakros, the one who murdered her sister, and make him pay." - WorldCat - ISBN 1582409765
  • The Sword, vol. 3: Earth - Collects #13-18. "Dara’s next target is Knossos, the man who killed her mother. Like his siblings, he can be killed only by one thing: the sword. However, he possesses the power to manipulate earth, which makes him one of the most powerful beings alive." - WorldCat - ISBN 1607060736
  • The Sword, vol. 4: Air - Collects #19-24. "Three powerful siblings entered Dara Brighton's home and brutally murdered her family right before her eyes. With the help of a powerful sword and her two friends, she has vowed to exact revenge on the three. Dara's epic quest concludes in this final volume, and her last target is Malia, the air-goddess who murdered Dara's father. Dara has already fought Malia's brothers- Zakros, the water-god, and Knossos, the earth-god - but nothing can prepare Dara for the wrath of the last god standing." - WorldCat - ISBN 1607061686



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Writer/Creator: Joshuan Luna. Artist/Creator/Covers: Jonathan Luna.

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First published in 2007.

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