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Will Eisners The Spirit 1

Cover to Will Eisner's The Spirit #1

Will Eisner's The Spirit is published by Dynamite Entertainment. Current price per issue is $3.99.

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Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #4: 13 Sep 2017

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Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #5: 17 Jan 2018

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none scheduled


Series of limited series.


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Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #5[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #4[]

Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #3[]

Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #2[]

Will Eisner's The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1[]

Will Eisner's The Spirit #12[]

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Batman/The Spirit[]



  • The Spirit, vol. 1 - Collects vol. 8 #1-6 plus Batman/The Spirit. "The Spirit, a.k.a. Denny Colt, Commissioner Dolan, and his Daughter Ellen are reintroduced in this go-for-broke, shoot-the-lights-out collection of crime stories filled with action, adventure, humor and sexy girls!" - WorldCat - ISBN 1401214614
  • Will Eisner's The Spirit Returns - Collects vol. 10 #??? "Commissioner Dolan, his daughter Ellen, and former sidekicks Ebony White and Sammy Strunk attempt to discover why The Spirit has been missing and presumed dead for the past two years." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781606908419

Trade Paperbacks[]

  • The Spirit, book 3 - Collects vol. 8 #14-20. "The Spirit fights crime on a luxury yacht, a dude ranch and elsewhere." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401221866
  • The Spirit, book 4 - Collects vol. 8 #21-25. "Don’t miss Denny Colt’s efforts to trace a killer to Cambodia, as well as his battle against a terrorist who’s poisoning Central City’s food supply." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401225055
  • The Spirit, book 5 - Collects vol. 8 #26-32. "Don't miss The Spirit's close encounters with Lorelei Rox, Plaster of Paris, the mystic Cormac and more." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401226426
  • The Spirit: Angel Smerti - Collects vol. 9 #1-7. "An international crime syndicate wants to help Central City’s villain, The Octopus, consolidate control over the underworld. They’ve offered The Octopus the services of one of their finest assassins to take The Spirit’s breath away for good." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401230261


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Creative Team[]

Writer: Matt Wagner. Artist: Dan Schkade. Covers: Eric Powell.

The Spirit created by Will Eisner.

Publishing History[]

  • Volume 1: #1-22, 1944-1950 (Quality)
  • Volume 2: #1-5, 1952-1954 (Fiction House)
  • Volume 3: #1-2, 1966-1967 (Harvey)
  • Volume 4: #1-2, 1973 (Kitchen Sink)
  • Volume 5: #1-41, 1974-1983 (Warren Publishing [#1-16], Kitchen Sink [#17-41])
  • Volume 6: #1-87, 1983-1992 (Kitchen Sink)
  • Volume 7: #1-8, 1998 (The New Adventures, Kitchen Sink)
  • Volume 8: #1-32, 2007-2009 (DC Comics)
  • Volume 9: #1-17, 2010-2011 (DC Comics)
  • Volume 10: #1-12, 2015-2016 (Dynamite)

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