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The Scream is published by Dark Horse Comics. The cover price is $2.99.

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The Scream #3: 23 Jan 2008

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The Scream #4: 20 Feb 2008

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none scheduled


Series of mini-series.


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The Scream #4[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

The Scream #3[]

The Scream #2[]

The Scream #1[]

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Trade Paperbacks[]

  • The Scream - Collects #1-4. "Danny Duncan’s life is a mess. His job is mind-numbingly boring, his elderly father is slipping into senility, and since Danny got out of the Belle Foux treatment facility people have been saying he’s crazy. On top of all that, odd things have started to happen around Danny. His emotions are affecting coworkers and customers in bizarre ways. But nothing could prepare him for the Scream"a horrible manifestation of his most powerful feelings. Follow Danny and the intrepid reporter Sian Ferguson as they attempt to uncover the disturbing reality behind Danny’s newfound abilities, its connection to Belle Foux, and the dirty businessman who will protect his secret at all costs!" - WorldCat - ISBN 156971939X - (forthcoming, December 2008)


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Creative Team[]

Writer: Peter David. Artists: Bart Sears & Randy Elliott.

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First published in 2007.

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The Scream TPB: 24 Dec 2008

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