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The Order 1

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The Order is published by Marvel Comics. Current price per issue is $2.99.

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The Order #9: 19 Mar 2008

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The Order #10: 30 Apr 2008

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Monthly series. Final issue is #10.


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The Order #10[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

The Order #9[]

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Trade Paperbacks[]

  • The Order, vol. 1: The Next Right Thing - Collects #1-6. "A team of long-dormant Soviet super-weapons is awake, angry, and heading straight at the heart of Los Angeles ready to finish World War III! The front line of defense is a team that's been together since just before nine this morning! The queen of PR starts her spin! A dead body hides more than just a murder mystery! And-and-and - a super-sex tape!!! What on earth could justify the use of that many exclamation points?" - WorldCat - ISBN 078512795X
  • The Order, vol. 2: California Dreaming - Collects #6-10. "A super-powered girl-gang known as the Black Dahlias takes the law into their own hands, and it’s up to the Order to shut them down — even if some members of the team agree with their purpose. And what does the mysterious-ish M.A.N. from S.H.A.D.O.W. want with former Order members? Meanwhile, out in the desert, some of the Order struggle to separate the difference between Hopi Lizard People and plain old run-of-the-mill gamma monsters. Oh! And guess what washes up on-shore in San Diego?" - WorldCat - ISBN 0785127968


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Creative Team[]

Writer: Matt Fraction. Pencils/Covers: Barry Kitson.

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First published in 2007.

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