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Cover to Tenjho Tenge vol. 1

Tenjho Tenge is published by DC Comics under the CMX imprint. Current price per volume is $9.99.

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Tenjho Tenge Vol. 17: 06 Aug 2008

Current Issue

Tenjho Tenge Vol. 18: 02 Sep 2009

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Tenjho Tenge Vol. 19: 08 Jul 2010


Tankōbon manga collection. Published irregularly.


Juuken Club

  • Maya Natsume (棗 真夜) - Captain of the Juuken Club WikiPedia
  • Aya Natsume (棗 亜夜) - Maya's younger sister.
  • Masataka Takayanagi (高柳 雅孝) - WikiPedia

Enforcement Group

  • Mitsuomi Takayanagi (高柳 光臣) - WikiPedia
  • Emi Isuzu (五十鈴 絵美)
  • Oshi Kagurazaka (神楽坂 忍)
  • Shirō Tagami (田上 士郎) - Leader of the 3rd division group of the Enforcement group.
  • Kouji Sagara (相良 浩治) - Founder of the Pro Wrestling group.
  • Tsutomu Ryuuzaki (竜崎 勤) - Fire elemental user and an enforcer of the Executive Community.


  • Tessen Ishiyumi (穹 鉄線)
  • Mataza Tsumuji (颯 又左)

Minor Characters

  • Mana Kuzunoha (葛葉 真魚)
  • Chiaki Kounoike (鴻ノ池 千秋)

Other Characters/Places/Things

Recent Storylines

Tenjho Tenge Vol. 18

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

WorldCat - ISBN 1401222706

Tenjho Tenge Vol. 17

WorldCat - ISBN 1401215327

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Tenjho Tenge Vol. 15

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Tenjho Tenge Vol. 12

WorldCat - ISBN 1401210198

Tenjho Tenge Vol. 11

WorldCat - ISBN 1401208568

Tenjho Tenge Vol. 10

WorldCat - ISBN 140120855X


Leftover Useful Information

Creative Team

Writer/Artist/Creator/Covers: Oh! great (大暮 維人).

Publishing History

Originally published in Japan as Tenjō Tenge (天上天下) in the anthology Ultra Jump starting in 2001.

First English language version published starting in 2005.

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Tenjho Tenge Vol. 19: 08 Jul 2010