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Ten Grand is published by Image Comics. Current price per issue is $2.99.

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Ten Grand #11: 05 Nov 2014

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Ten Grand #12: 14 Jan 2015

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12 issue series


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Joe Fitzegerald



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Ten Grand #12[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

Ten Grand #11[]


Trade Paperbacks[]

  • Ten Grand, vol. 1 - Collects #1-6. "Can the man willing to die a thousand deaths so he can be with his love for just a few minutes in-between save the lives of an entire world? Or will this be the end of...well, everything?" - WorldCat - ISBN 1607068311
  • Ten Grand, vol. 2 - Collects #7-12. "Joe Fitzgerald’s journey has taken him from Earth to Purgatory to Hell itself, a bloody path made of equal parts love for his beloved Laura’s spirit, and his desire for revenge against those who plucked her from her refuge in heaven. What began as one man’s quest becomes a struggle between the forces of light and dark that could topple the very foundations of heaven itself... depending entirely on which way Joe goes. Will he choose love above all else and let the world burn?" - WorldCat - ISBN 1632150107


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Creative Team[]

Writer/Creator: J. Michael Straczynski. Artist/Covers/Creator: Ben Templesmith.

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First published in 2013.

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Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

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