Telepathic Wanderers 1

Cover to Telepathic Wanderers vol. 1

Telepathic Wanderers is published by TokyoPop. Current price is $9.99 per volume.

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Telepathic Wanderers, vol. 3: 28 Jun 2006

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Telepathic Wanderers, vol. 4: 01 Nov 2006

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Quarterly. Tankōbon. Scheduled for 4 volumes.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Nanase Hita - A beautiful young woman who can read the minds of others, often uncontrolably.
  • Norio - A young boy who can also read minds.
  • Tsuneo - A psychic who can see visions of the future.

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Telepathic Wanderers, vol. 4Edit

This is the current volume, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue. - WorldCat - ISBN 1595329412

Telepathic Wanderers, vol. 3Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595329404

Telepathic Wanderers, vol. 2Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595329390

Telepathic Wanderers, vol. 1Edit

This initial volume introduces us to Nanase, a beautiful young woman who is blessed--or is it cursed?--with the ability to read people's minds. She thinks that she is all alone in her abilities, until on a fateful train ride she meets a young boy named Norio, who is also a telepath but seemingly more powerful; and Tsuneo, a Psychic who can see events in the future. Tsuneo has a dire prediction: the train will crash, and only the three of them will survive! Despite Nanase's best efforts, Tsuneo's prediction comes true. - WorldCat - ISBN 1595329382

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Writer/Creator: Yasutaka Tsutsui. Artist/Creator: Sayaka Yamazaki

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First published in Japan in 2002.

First English-language translation published by TokyoPop from in 2005.

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