Superman/Shazam: First Thunder

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Cover to Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #1

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder is published by DC Comics. Price per issue is $3.50.

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Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #3: 05 Jan 2006

Current Issue

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #4: 15 Mar 2006

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'Monthly' mini-series (four issues).


Recent Storylines

Superman/Shazam: First Thunder #2

Dr. Sivana makes a deal with Lex Luthor, Superman & Captain Marvel battle a giant muck-creature, the villainous Sabbac is summoned, and BRuce Gordon is possessed by Eclipso.

Past Storylines


  • Superman/Shazam: First Thunder - Collects #1-4. "Witness the pulse-pounding first meeting of the Man of Steel and Captain Marvel, Earth's Mightiest Mortal. Only the combined efforts of these two powerful heroes will be enough to defend Fawcett City and Metropolis from the combined onslaught of their archenemies: Lex Luthor, Dr. Sivana and Eclipso." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401209238


This mini-series is set in the past, back when Superman & Captain Marvel first met.

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Order Codes

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  • JUL05 0208 SHAZAM SUPERMAN FIRST THUNDER #1 (Of 4) $3.50
  • AUG05 0198 SHAZAM SUPERMAN FIRST THUNDER #2 (Of 4) $3.50
  • SEP05 0224 SHAZAM SUPERMAN FIRST THUNDER #3 (Of 4) $3.50
  • OCT05 0236 SUPERMAN SHAZAM FIRST THUNDER #4 (Of 4) $3.50

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