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Alix Ambrose is an asexual character from Sex Criminals.

Alix Ambrose

She appears in the 13th issue. Her childhood was difficult, and she often fantasised about being from 'outerspace'. She had a caring brother, Joe, who made sure she was never alone with their stepfather, most likely because he might have sexually abused her. Alix noticed from the start that she wasn't like her peers, that she wasn't attracted to sex and everything related to it, which her brother often said was because she was scared.Her first sexual intercourse was with Jason, but she didn't want it. She struggled with this for many years and thought there was something wrong with her because she didn't want to have sex. She has powers like Suzie and Jon, and is friends with Dewey.

In Issue #16 Dewey went to Alix to let her know that Jon and Suzie are poking around people like them. Alix was not amused to hear it.