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Scalped is published by DC Comics under the Vertigo imprint. Price per issue is $2.99.

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Scalped #59: 27 Jun 2012

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Scalped #60: 22 Aug 2012

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Final issue was #60.


Main Characters[]

  • Dashiell "Dash" Bad Horse



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Scalped #60[]

Scalped #59[]

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Trade Paperbacks[]

  • Scalped, vol. 1: Indian Country - Collects #1-5. "Fifteen years ago, Dashiell 'Dash' Bad Horse ran away from a life of abject poverty and utter hopelessness on the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation searching for something better. Now he's come back home armed with nothing but a set of nunchucs, a hell-bent-for-leather attitude and one dark secret, to find nothing much has changed on 'The Rez' - short of a glimmering new casino, and a once-proud people overcome by drugs and organized crime. Is he here to set things right or just get a piece of the action? " - WorldCat - ISBN 1401213170
  • Scalped, vol. 2: Casino Boogie - Collects #6-11. "Explores Dash Bad Horse's troubled origin and chronicles his day-to-day life on The Rez working for Chief Red Crow." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401216544
  • Scalped, vol. 3: Dead Mothers - Collects #12-18. "Undercover FBI agent Dashiell Bad Horse’s home reservation wakes up the morning after the opening of the Crazy Horse Casino to find that two women have been murdered during the night. It’s up to Dash to find the killers and, in the process, come to grips with his relationship with his own mother." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401219195
  • Scalped, vol. 4: The Gravel In Your Guts - Collects #19-24. "Chief Red Crow is doing everything he can to walk the straight and narrow, but how far will he let Mr. Brass push him?" - WorldCat - ISBN 1401221793
  • Scalped, vol. 5: High Lonesome - Collects #25-29. "See the landscape of the Prairie Rose reservation and casino through the eyes of a newcomer — a card shark and con man — whose presence could spell doom for one of our main characters." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401224873
  • Scalped, vol. 6: The Gnawing - Collects #30-34. "Red Crow commits a murder in front of witnesses and the FBI thinks they can finally put him away. Meanwhile, Dash’s loyalty is tested as his addiction to heroin intensifies." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401227171
  • Scalped, vol. 7: Rez Blues - Collects #35-42. "Red Crow sends his right-hand man, Shunka, to sort out a feud with a rival Native American casino, but Shunka becomes embroiled in a murder. He knows he should walk away, but something inside won’t let him — which means things are about to get bloody." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401230199
  • Scalped, vol. 8: You Gotta Sin to Get Saved - Collects #43-49. "Red Crow takes on a new challenger for tribal leadership, Dash pursues his mother’s murderer, and Officer Falls Down faces a most unusual captivity." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401232884
  • Scalped, vol. 9: Knuckle Up - Collects #50-55. "War breaks out on the reservation as Red Crow loses his grip on the reins and Dash Bad Horse faces his toughest and fiercest foe yet." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401232884


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Creative Team[]

Writer: Jason Aaron. Artist: R. M. Guéra. Covers: Jock.

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First published in 2007.

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Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

Scalped Omnibus, vol. 1 HC: 12 Nov 2024

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