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Saiyuki is a reinvisioning of the classic Chinese tale of the Monkey King, or the Journey to the West. Genjo Sanzo (a priest who enjoys smoking and drinking), Sha Gojyo (a half-demon who is addicted to cigarettes and women), Son Goku (the bratty Monkey King) and Cho Hakkai (a quiet man with a pet dragon that turns into a jeep) must band together and journey to the West to save Shangri-la.

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  • MAR05 3213 SAIYUKI VOL 1 (OF 9) GN $9.99
  • SEP05 3193 SAIYUKI VOL 2 (OF 9) GN (FEB042672) $9.99
  • SEP05 3194 SAIYUKI VOL 3 (OF 9) GN (APR042923) $9.99
  • SEP05 3195 SAIYUKI VOL 4 (OF 9) GN (JUN042805) $9.99
  • SEP05 3196 SAIYUKI VOL 5 GN (AUG042977) $9.99
  • MAR05 3136 SAIYUKI VOL 8 GN (OF 9) (Res) $9.99
  • APR05 3100 SAIYUKI VOL 9 GN (OF 9) $9.99

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