Comic Book Series

Mythos: the Demon Hunters, created by Christopher Boyer and Jeremy Laukkonen in 2000, debuted as a webcomic in a small independent and creator-owned comic consortium called Outpost Comics. It featured the adventures of four teenagers who obtained magical powers formerly held by ancient protectors of human society who fought against demons and other supernatural creatures.

The comic ended production in 2002, but the characters and setting were then adapted for a video game aimed for home console systems (forthcoming). A new comic series is also slated for production, to retell the story and continue it further, with better artwork and improved writing.

The story followed the adventures of Christian Cross (then Christian Gabriel) as he discovered the truth of his friends Jerry Dole, Harmony Miller and Tex Gilchrist - that they were enlisted as defenders of humanity as the last in a long line of demon hunters. Early episodes involved the group dealing with spongy creatures from the underworld, as well as a circus full of vampiric clowns.

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