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My Nemesis is a webcomic written and illustrated by Ken Krekeler. Launched in July of 2005, My Nemesis is updated several times weekly. The strip opens with Kal, the main character, deciding to create the world’s most popular webcomic, all to become incredibly wealthy and famous. Early strips featured slices of Kal’s life or jokes rooted in pop culture, but as the series and art evolved, character-driven multi-strip story arcs became the highlight of My Nemesis.


  • Kal: Kal is the star of My Nemesis, and incidentally his own universe. Motivated by fame and fortune, Kal walks through life serving his own interests at the expense of those around him. While much of My Nemesis seems rooted in reality, Kal rules over a futuristic city on the ocean known as Kaltopia, accessible through transporters.
  • Rob: Rob is Kal’s friend from high school. He is a teacher, and is responsible for the technology Kal enjoys in Kaltopia. He serves as a foil to Beth or Kal in many strips, and understands better than any other character what evils Kal is truly capable of achieving.

A more detailed and unique introduction to these characters and more can be found at the My Nemesis website.

Stories (Warning: Spoilers)[]

  • The Aftermath (10/17/05 to 11/30/05): Without Beth’s financial support, Kal is forced to move in with Rob. Kal’s friends try to cheer him up, but he still feels the very unexpected break up. A brief sub-story finds Kal and his friends in a crowded night club, where they have a chance encounter with Beth. A hint of things to come, Kal begins a spiritual journey.
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