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Although his real (BIONICLE) name is Beaconing of Krazy Tacos(REAL name is William Day) he continues to be called Beca530 as he is a character of his best friend's comics.


In the upcoming web movie, it will be reaveled that Beca530 was once a lowly moc-mctoran of Gravity, with no powers, a regular powerless (inverted color)matoran mask, Turquoise body, and purple feet. He is not seen like this anywhere else.

He was exclusively known as Krazy Taco. He was friends with a fellow mctoran from Moc Nui, SweaterHead, later after a bunch of cool stuff("I cant tell you whats going to be in the movie right?") they were told of their destinies and were transformed into King Bio and Beca530.


Beca is a selfish jerk who thinks the only way to succeed in life is by blowing his friends up. He hates Reaper and trys to takeover the comics. So far he has been very unsuccesful.


Beca's Powers are similar to King Bio. He uses the "Fist of the Jacket" (the brother of King Bio's Fist.) He wears the Kanohi Elementra, which allows the wearer to use anything he thinks is an element. And beca is also able to change forms and retain full power. Beca ofcourse is destined to save the world from something so he has more power than King Bio. His toa element is unknown although it might be "pie" or "flarg".


Beca530's weakness' have yet to be explained.

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