Initial D 20

Cover to Initial D vol. 20

Initial D is published by TokyoPop. Current price is $9.99 per volume.

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Initial D, vol. 32: 08 Oct 2008

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Initial D, vol. 33: 02 Jan 2009

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none scheduled


Quarterly. Tankōbon. Scheduled for thirty-seven volumes.


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Initial D, vol. 33Edit

This is the current volume, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

WorldCat - ISBN 1427807728

Initial D, vol. 32Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1598169017

Initial D, vol. 31Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1598169009

Initial D, vol. 30Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1598168991

Initial D, vol. 29Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595328025

Initial D, vol. 28Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595328017

Initial D, vol. 27Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595328009

Initial D, vol. 26Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595320032

Initial D, vol. 25Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595320024

Initial D, vol. 24Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595320016

Initial D, vol. 23Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1595320008

Past StorylinesEdit

Initial D, vol. 1Edit

WorldCat - ISBN 1931514984


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Creative TeamEdit

Writer/Artist/Creator: Shuichi Shigeno (しげの秀一).

Publishing HistoryEdit

First published in Japan as Inisharu Dī [頭文字 (イニシャル)D] in the anthology Young Magazine starting in 1995.

First English-language translation published by TokyoPop starting in 2002.

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