Comic Book Series
Groucho the Cigar Man

The complete comic strip.

Groucho the Cigar Man is a 9-panel comic strip released monthly in 2024. It stars a cigar-smoking caricature drawn in vintage black and white format.


The strip follows Groucho as he skates in January, proposes in a barn in February and stands in the German rain in April. He conducts a symphony and goes birdwatching, then teaches a class and tours a haunted house, before joining a Minstrel Show before parodying Scrooge at the end of the year. Not once does he say a word. He lives in 2024.


He is based almost entirely on comedian Groucho Marx (1890-1977). He smokes a big black cigar, wears a derby hat, and the captions (in the third person) are mainly wise cracks. In one comic he is accompanied by a babushka-type woman (fiancée) in a mother he is with two Blackface men; Uncle Tom and Mr. Tambo in the oxymoron-named “Lincoln’s Minstrels”. Finally, the last comic he dressed more wintry with a simple version of Jacob Marley, a parody of the first film adaptation of Dickens’ story; from 1901.

The character also has a big black moustache an bushy eyebrows, has a square head and a tie, is very fat.