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Gotham City Garage 1

Cover to Gotham City Garage #1

Gotham City Garage is published by DC Comics. Current price per issue is $2.99.

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Gotham City Garage #11: 14 Mar 2018

Current Issue[]

Gotham City Garage #12: 28 Mar 2018

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Published twice-monthly. Final issue is #12.


Main Characters[]

  • Kara Gordon
  • Barda Free



Minor Characters[]

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Recent Storylines[]

Gotham City Garage #12[]

Gotham City Garage #11[]

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Trade Paperbacks[]

  • Gotham City Garage, vol. 1 - Collects #1-6. "It’s been decades since Governor Lex Luthor turned Gotham City into a modern utopia, saving his people from devastation. But his city isn’t for everyone. If the Lexes Network misfires, and a citizen wakes up and steps out of line, the Bat and his minions are brutal in restoring the status quo. So when young Kara Gordon rushes headlong into the Freescape, she’s shocked to find Gotham City Garage—where new friends might become family, if she lives long enough!" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401280192
  • Gotham City Garage, vol. 2 - Collects #7-12. "Lex Luthor plans to bring war to the Garage, so the gang rides out to assemble an army. Natasha Irons is determined to save her world, but sending so many of her friends away on missions leaves her alone with Barbara...and the Batman. Can she defend the Garage against the first of Luthor’s meta-human League: the Flash? Plus, meet the founder of the Garage, Black Canary!" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401284985


Leftover Useful Information[]

Creative Team[]

Writers: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly. Artists: Brian Ching, Lynne Yochii.

Publishing History[]

First published in 2017. Reprints stories from the digital-first comic of the same name.

Future Publication Dates[]

Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

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