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Cover to Ghost Rider #1

Ghost Rider is published by Marvel Comics. Current price per issue is $3.99.

Publication Dates

Last Issue

Ghost Rider: Return of Vengeance #1: 30 Dec 2020

Current Issue

King in Black: Ghost Rider #1: 31 Mar 2021

Next Issue

Ghost Rider #1: Feb 2022


A new series starts February 2022.


Main Characters

  • Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
  • Eli


  • Gabriel Reyes
  • Daniel Wakeford


  • Mr. Hyde
  • Hyde's Mercenaries
    • McCallum
  • Gang Members
    • Grumpy
    • Cuz
    • Ey

Minor Characters

  • Mrs. Valenzuela
  • Camelo
  • Satan
  • Kingpin

Other Characters/Places/Things

  • California
    • Los Angeles
      • 101 Freeway
      • Hillrock Heights
      • Camelo's Auto and Body
      • Skid Row
    • Palmdale

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Trade Paperbacks

  • Ghost Rider by Daniel Way Complete Collection - Collects vol. 5 #1-19. "Once upon a time, Johnny Blaze made a deal with the Devil - and to no one's surprise but his own, he got shafted. Now trapped in hell, with the Spirit of Vengeance bonded to his immortal soul and weighing him down, Johnny may have finally found a way out. But at what cost?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781302908089
  • Ghost Rider: The War for Heaven - Collects vol. 5 #20-32 & Annual #1-2. "Over the years, Johnny Blaze has lost everything to his curse: his family, his life — even his soul. But now he finally knows who’s responsible for turning him into a flaming-skulled horror show — and he’s out for vengeance! But when fellow Ghost Rider Danny Ketch returns, whose side is he on? What familiar faces has Ketch brought to the party? And who’s about to get shot in the head with a hellfire shotgun?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781302916251
  • Ghost Rider: The War for Heaven, Book 2 - Collects vol. 5 #33-35, Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch #1-5 & Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire #1-6. - WorldCat - ISBN 9781302923419
  • All-New Ghost Rider, vol. 1: Engines of Vengeance - Collects vol. 7 #1-5. "Amid an East Los Angeles neighborhood running wild with gang violence and drug trafficking, Robbie Reyes has been given an awesome new power! But can the teen handle it, or will it drive him to a path of destruction? As a war brews in the criminal underworld, the streets of East L.A. flare up with drug-fueled gang violence from Dr. Zabo’s power-enhancing narcotics — and Mr. Hyde launches a diabolical plan to expand his underground empire. Robbie meets the mysterious entity behind his possession, but will he submit to the sprit inside him and go too far in protecting his neighborhood?" - WorldCat - ISBN 0785154558
  • All-New Ghost Rider, vol. 2: Legend - Collects vol. 7 #6-12. "The all-new Ghost Rider has become a local hero! Can Robbie Reyes resist the call of street racing, or is he speeding towards eternal damnation? The Blue Hyde Brigade is born…but who is the mysterious figure taking an interest in the new Ghost Rider? When the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, shows up, hellfire sparks will fly as the legend comes face-to-face with the reality!" - WorldCat - ISBN 9780785154563
  • Ghost Rider, vol. 1: Four on the Floor - Collects vol. 8 #1-5. "When a mysterious object from space crash-lands in southern California, some of the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe are drawn to Robbie's backyard - including Amadeus Cho, the Totally Awesome Hulk! What mayhem will be unleashed as the high-octane hothead comes face-to-face with the jade genius? And with Robbie still possessed by the ghost of his evil uncle Eli…who's really in the Ghost Rider's driver's seat?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9780785196648
  • Ghost Rider, vol. 1: King of Hell - Collects vol. 9 #1-4, plus Absolute Carnage: SYmbiote of Vengeance. "Johnny Blaze is the king of Hell, its first line of defense against demonic hordes trying to escape and lords of other infernal regions making a play for his throne — including a certain evil queen from his past! Meanwhile, Danny Ketch never wanted to be a Ghost Rider. But with his brother in charge downstairs, Ketch must become Earth’s Spirit of Vengeance full-time — no matter how much he’d rather be doing anything else." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781302920050
  • Ghost Rider, vol. 2: Hearts of Darkness II - Collects vol. 2 #5-7, plus Spirits of Ghost Rider: Mother of Demons & Ghost Rider 2099 vol. 2 #1. "Just when Dan Ketch thought he was out, he finds himself back in — and way over his head! Empowered by the Spirit of Corruption, what will Ketch’s new status quo mean when he encounters Wolverine and the Punisher? Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze targets the man who had the power to free him from Hell, but chose not to lift a finger. Ghost Rider is out for revenge on Doctor Strange!" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781302920067 - Kindle

  • Ghost Rider: Robbie Reyes – The Complete Collection - Collects vol. 7 #1-12 & vol. 8 #1-5, plus What If? Ghost Rider #1. - WorldCat - ISBN 9781302925345


Leftover Useful Information

Creative Team

Volume 7

Writer: Felipe Smith. Artist/Covers (#1-5): Tradd Moore.

Volume 9

Writer: Ed Brisson. Artist/Covers: Aaron Kuder.

Volume 10

Writer: Benjamin Percy. Artist: Cory Smith. Covers: Kael Ngu.

Publishing History

  • Volume 1: #1-81, 1973-1983
  • Volume 2: #1-93, 1990-1998
  • Volume 3: #1-6, 2001-2002 (Marvel Knights)
  • Volume 4: #1-6, 2005-2006 (Marvel Knights)
  • Volume 5: #1-35, 2006-2009
  • Volume 6: #1-9, 2011-2012
  • Volume 7: #1-12, 2014-2015 (All-New Ghost Rider)
  • Volume 8: #1-5, 2016-2017
  • Volume 9: #1-7, 2019-2020 (Legacy #237-243)
  • Volume 10: #1-, 2022-present

Future Publication Dates

Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

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