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Cover to Friday the 13th #1

Friday the 13th is published by DC Comics under the WildStorm imprint. Current price per issue is $2.99.

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Friday the 13th: Bad Land #2: 13 Feb 2008

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Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused: 30 Apr 2008

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Series of mini-series and one-shots.


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Friday the 13th: Abuser and the Abused

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

Friday the 13th: Bad Land #2

Past Storylines

Friday the 13th: Bad Land

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Pamela's Tale


  • Friday the 13th - Collects #1-6 of the original series. "A beautiful young woman is found on the road to Crystal Lake, covered in blood and babbling incoherently about a monster who slaughtered her friends. Although her tale is eerily similar to a past legend of the lake, it proves to be unlike anything the locals have ever seen before."
  • Friday the 13th, vol. 2 - Collects Pamela's Tale, Abuser and the Abused, Summer Vacation, and Bad Land.


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Creative Team

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Artists: Adam Archer and Peter Guzman. Covers: Ryan Sook.

Publishing History

First published in 2006.

Friday the 13th comic books have previously been published by both Topps Comics and Avatar Press.

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