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Cover to Disney Masters Vol. 1: Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse – The Delta Disney Masters

Evil Eye is published by Fantagraphics.

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Disney Masters, vol. 13: Mickey Mouse – The Sunken City: 11 Aug 2020

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Disney Masters, vol. 14: Donald Duck – Follow the Fearless Leader: 17 Nov 2020

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Disney Masters, vol. 15: Mickey Mouse – New Adventures of The Phantom Blot: 21 Feb 2021


Irregular ongoing series of graphic novel collections.


Main Characters[]

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Donald Duck

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Disney Masters, vol. 14: Donald Duck – Follow the Fearless Leader[]

This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

JUL201172 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781683963622 -

Disney Masters, vol. 13: Mickey Mouse – The Sunken City[]

"Mickey and Goofy are lost at sea, and they get caught in a pitched battle between buccaneer Pete and sneaky submarine commander Captain Grapple. At stake: the ancient gold of Port Rancid, a pirate stronghold that sank beneath the waves ― and is now guarded by a pack of very jealous sea monsters! Then, Mickey and Goofy have their hands full with a host of mystery puzzlers ― from canoe-going ghosts in 'Legend of Loon Lake' to hi-tech arsonists in 'The Phantom Fires' to a piratical parrot in 'The Castaways of Whale Bay!'" - JUL201173 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781683963301 -

Disney Masters, vol. 12: Donald Duck – The Forgetful Hero[]

"Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge shrink down to the size of germs, Daisy Duck goes on a super-secret mission, and Mickey goes noir in the collection of comics starring the universally beloved characters. Uncle Scrooge wants to publish a historic tell-all interview with World War I flying ace Eddie Brickenbatter. But the legendary hero has amnesia ― so to cure it, Scrooge tells Donald Duck to reenact the plane crash that caused Brickenbatter to lose his memory in the first place!" - JUN201101 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781683963127 - - Kindle

Disney Masters, vol. 11: Mickey Mouse – The Ice Sword Saga, Book 2[]

"To us, Goofy may be just a modest bumpkin, but in the scary parallel dimension of Argaar, he's the cousin of their acclaimed hero, Alph! In this second and final collection of cartoonist Massimo De Vita's epic saga of the legendary Ice Sword, Goofy and Mickey return to that dangerous domain, rejoining the wizard Yor and his dwarf defenders." - MAR201856 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781683962502 - - Kindle

Disney Masters, vol. 10: Donald Duck – Scandal on the Epoch Express[]

"Donald battles master spies and his own Uncle Scrooge! Railroad porter Donald Duck can’t wait to serve breakfast to his action-movie idol, Sharon Stun. But Donald and his nephews get caught up in a real-life thriller when 'Mystic' Max McMalefactor, disguise artist and sinister spy, infiltrates the Epoch Express! In 'Scent-imental Romeos,' Donald vows to create the world’s stinkiest cologne. And in 'Don Quiduck De La Mancha,' a hypnotized Donald thinks he’s a knight ― and helps the Beagle Boys rob Uncle Scrooge’s Money Bin! " - JAN198694 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781683962496 - - Kindle

Disney Masters, vol. 9: Mickey Mouse – The Ice Sword Saga, Book 1[]

"To dethrone the Shadow Prince of Argaar, a wizard summons Mickey and Goofy to plunge the Sword of Ice into a magic stone. They soon find themselves embroiled in a rumble of giants, dragons, and impossible danger! Then, in 'The Tournament of Argaar,' Mickey and Goofy return to brave deadly volcanoes, steampunk whirlamagigs, and rampaging dinosaurs! Hang onto your swords and shields!" - MAY191687 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781683961987 - - Kindle

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First published in 2018.

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Disney Masters, vol. 15: Mickey Mouse – New Adventures of The Phantom Blot: 21 Feb 2021
Disney Masters, vol. 16: Donald Duck – Jumpin' Jupiter: 03 Mar 2021

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