Comic Book Series


Main Characters[]

The main characters of a book are the title character or characters, and any other character that shows up regularly in the most recent year's worth of issues. Use your best judgement as to whether a character fits this definition or is a minor character.

Minor Characters[]

Minor characters show up in a title on an infrequent basis, but knowing who they are helps the story to make more sense.

Creative Team[]

The creative team is the team of writers/artists/colorists/letterers who put each issue together each month. If there is a regular creative team, please indicate who they are. If not, try to indicate as best you can who has worked on the book for the last few months and who is working on it now.

Current Issue[]

The issue of the comic book that is currently on the stands. This wiki should never contain plot or character details specific to the current issue of a comic book.

Last Issue[]

For the purposes of this wiki, the last issue is the issue BEFORE the one currently on the stands.

For instance: Superslug #34 is out on the stands, and Superslug #35 is due next week. For the purposes of this wiki, Superslug #33 is the last issue, and you should only include story and character information up to Superslug #33.

Publication Dates[]

The publication date of a comic book, for the purposes of this wiki, is the date the book is due to hit the shops via Diamond or any other distributor. This will usually be a Wednesday, two months after the book is first solicited in Previews Magazine.

This is also called "shipping date".


The status of a book should reflect its current state of publication. Some examples:

  • Monthly series
  • Monthly limited series
  • Irregular series
  • Series of mini-series
  • X issue mini-series
  • Series ended. Final issue was #XXX


This is the heart of this wiki. The storyline is a quick summary of what has happened in this title for the last few months, up until the last issue. Do NOT include storyline information on the issue currently on the stands.

For the most recent six issues, the storyline information should be detailed enough that a new reader picking up the book for the first time will be able to follow the story, but not so detailed as to violate fair use. Summaries for each issue should be no longer than a short paragraph.

For older issues, storyline information can be combined into a "what came before" archive. These can be as long as needed to give the history of a title or the main characters of the title. Just keep in mind that you are trying to inform your readers, not bore them to death.