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Deathstroke is published by DC Comics. Current price per issue is $3.99.

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Deathstroke #49: 06 Nov 2019

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Deathstroke #50: 04 Dec 2019

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Published monthly. Final issue is #50.


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  • Deathstroke the Terminator/Slade Wilson



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This is the current issue, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

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"Deathstroke vs. Batman" pt. 6

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"Deathstroke vs. Batman" pt. 5

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"Deathstroke vs. Batman" pt. 4

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"Deathstroke vs. Batman" pt. 3

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"Deathstroke vs. Batman" pt. 2

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"Deathstroke vs. Batman" pt. 1

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  • Batman vs. Deathstroke - Collects vol. 4 #30-35. "When Batman discovers a mysterious package containing DNA test results proving that he is not Damian Wayne’s biological father, the Dark Knight sets his sights on his son’s true father—Deathstroke! But Damian Wayne can’t really be Slade Wilson’s son—can he? And who sent the package—and why?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401285890

Trade PaperbacksEdit

  • Deathstroke, the Terminator: Full Cycle - Collects vol. 1 #1-5, plus The New Titans #70. - WorldCat - ISBN 093028982X
  • Deathstroke, the Terminator, vol. 1: Assassins - Collects vol. 1 #1-9, plus The New Titans #70. - WorldCat - ISBN 1401254284
  • Deathstroke, the Terminator, vol. 3: Nuclear Winter - Collects vol. 1 #14-20, plus Deathstroke stories from Showcase '93 #6-11. - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401260767
  • Deathstroke, vol. 1: Legacy - Collects vol. 2 #1-8. "Slade Wilson is the best mercenary in the DCU, and he's been doing this a long time. Some might say too long. But they'll learn: Never turn your back on Deathstroke the Terminator. He won't quit, no matter how high the stakes." - WorldCat - ISBN 140123481X - Kindle - comiXology
  • Deathstroke, vol. 2: Lobo Hunt - Collects vol. 2 #9-20 & 0. "For anybody else, hunting Lobo would be suicide. For Deathstroke, it’s just business as usual. But can Slade Wilson handle the power of the intergalactic slaver and last Czarnian? He’ll need some help and he’ll be getting it from Zealot." - WorldCat - ISBN 1401240380 - Kindle - comiXology
  • Deathstroke, vol. 1: Gods of War - Collects vol. 3 #1-6. "Slade Wilson’s entire life is turned upside down after he learns that his involvement in a top-secret mission was wiped from his memory. Now, a new, mysterious enemy known as Odysseus has targeted Deathstroke and everyone involved in the decade-old mission. But Slade’s journey into his past takes an unexpected turn, leading him to Gotham City – and into conflict with both Batman and Harley Quinn!" - WorldCat - ISBN 1401254713
  • Deathstroke, vol. 2: Godkiller - Collects vol. 3 #7-10 & Annual #1. "Armed by Hephaestus with a dangerous new weapon capable of taking down an Olympian god, Deathstroke takes on his toughest assignment yet. But with heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman in his way, killing a god is nearly impossible, even for one of the deadliest men in the universe." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401261207
  • Deathstroke, vol. 3: Suicide Run - Collects vol. 3 #11-16. "He’s battled gods, slain his enemies, and even sacrificed parts of himself he never thought he could live without! But Deathstroke’s biggest challenge still lays ahead, and if he wants to succeed he’ll need to defeat the assembled might of the Suicide Squad!" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401264550 - (forthcoming, September 2016)
  • Deathstroke, vol. 4: Family Business - Collects vol. 3 #17-20 & Annual #2. "After a bitter betrayal by a trusted comrade, Slade Wilson finds reluctant allies in his estranged children, Rose and Jericho. But as an all-out battle looms, he must also join forces with the one and only Ra’s al Ghul … who may have his own hidden agenda. Could this uneasy family reunion spell doom for Deathstroke?" - WorldCat - ISBN 978-401267940
  • Deathstroke, vol. 1: The Professional - Collects vol. 4 #1-5 & Rebirth. "Confronted by his own troubled past and challenged to reinvent himself before he loses everything and everyone in his life, Slade Wilson, a.k.a. Deathstroke, finds himself and those he values most in the crosshairs—stalked by an unseen enemy." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401268237
  • Deathstroke, vol. 2: The Gospel of Slade - Collects vol. 4 #6-11. "One of the most lethal and hardened antiheroes in the DC Universe is now a man without a mission and without something propelling him forward. He must look to his past for meaning. In an attempt to understand how he's gotten to the turning point he now faces, Slade recalls the first time he and Wintergreen worked together—on a mission that changed both of their lives forever." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401270988
  • Deathstroke, vol. 3: Twilight - Collects vol. 4 #12-18. "What happens when the World’s Deadliest Assassin begins to go blind? Faced with a potentially career-ending diagnosis, Deathstroke is coached by Power Girl to reinvent himself—and comes face to face with a rival assassin known as Deadline! But he might not be able to face this villain until he unearths a way to cure his own weaknesses." - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401274061
  • Deathstroke, vol. 4: Defiance - Collects vol. 4 #21-25. "After emerging from the Speed Force a changed man, Slade Wilson takes aim at a life in service of justice. But when the world refuses to accept the new Deathstroke, Slade recruits a group of young heroes to join him, including former Teen Titans Kid Flash and Power Girl, his children Rose and Jericho and the bombastic Terra! But has Slade truly shed his villainous past?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401275471
  • Deathstroke, vol. 5: The Fall of Slade - Collects vol. 4 #26-29 & Annual #1. "After betraying another assassin and violating an unwritten code of conduct, Deathstroke is kidnapped and brought to stand trial before the Secret Society of Super-Villains, a group that includes the Riddler, Black Manta and Reverse-Flash! Will Deathstroke pay for his crime? And what of Slade Wilson’s recent turn toward heroism?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401278335
  • Deathstroke: Arkham - Collects vol. 4 #36-40. "After being declared criminally insane, Deathstroke is committed to Arkham Asylum! It isn’t long before the hunter becomes the hunted as Slade, powerless and weaponless, is targeted by some of Gotham City’s most wanted. But Deathstroke soon learns that his only hope for survival may be to confront his own inner demons. Has Slade really lost his mind? And just who is this impostor masquerading as Slade on the outside?" - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401294311
  • Teen Titans/Deathstroke: The Terminus Agenda - Collects vol. 4 #41-43, plus Teen Titans #28-30. - WorldCat - ISBN 9781401299651 - (forthcoming, November 2020)
  • Deathstroke R.I.P. - Collects vol. 4 #44-50. "In the wake of his father's apparent demise, Jericho accepts Lex Luthor's offer of power, leading to all-out sibling war between Jericho and Rose Wilson! When Slade wakes, he seeks to take that power for his own, leading to a confrontation between father and son! Is there any humanity left in Jericho? And can Deathstroke defeat his ultimate enemy - himself?" - APR200665 - WorldCat - ISBN 9781779502759


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Creative TeamEdit

Volume 4Edit

Writer: Christopher Priest. Artists/Covers: Carlo Pagulayan & Jason Paz.

Volume 3Edit

Writer/Artist/Covers: Tony S. Daniel.

Volume 2Edit

  • Issues #1-8: Writer: Kyle Higgins. Artists: Joe Bennett & Art Thibert. Covers: Simon Bisley.
  • Issues #9-14: Writer/Artist/Covers: Rob Liefeld.
  • Issues #15-20: Writer: Justin Jordan. Artist/Covers: Scott Clark.

Publishing HistoryEdit

  • Volume 1: #1-60; 1991-1996. (#1-40 as Deathstroke the Terminator; #41-47 as Deathstroke: The Hunted)
  • Volume 2: #1-20; 2011-2013.
  • Volume 3: #1-20; 2014-2016.
  • Volume 4: #1-50; 2016-2019.

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Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

Teen Titans/Deathstroke: The Terminus Agenda TP: 03 Nov 2020

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