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Cursed Pirate Girl The Devil's Cave 1

Cover to Cursed Pirate Girl: The Devil's Cave #1

Cursed Pirate Girl is published by Boom! Studios. Price per issue is $9.99.

Publication Dates[]

Last Issue[]

Cursed Pirate Girl 2015 Annual: 14 Oct 2015

Current Issue[]

Cursed Pirate Girl: The Devil's Cave #1: 19 Jan 2022

Next Issue[]

none scheduled




Main Characters[]

  • Cursed Pirate Girl
  • Appolonia
  • Pepper Dice

Minor Characters[]

  • Governor Maygun
  • Mr. Six
  • Sharkey

Other Characters/Places/Things[]

  • Port Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • The Omerta Seas

Recent Storylines[]

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Cursed Pirate Girl 2015 Annual[]

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Cursed Pirate Girl is an epic fairy tale of a cursed girl in search of her father. The only things she knows about her father is that she will find him on the Omerta Seas, and that he is a pirate captain.
The fantastic waters of the Omertas hold many strange and dangerous creatures and forgotten evils; enlisting the help of two armored swordfish and a parrot with a secret agenda, Cursed Pirate Girl sets out on the perilous journey to find her father among the remaining pirate captains. But instead of a glorious reunion, the scheming of interlopers leads her to resurrect her father's most dangerous foe. When her friends and allies fall beneath the terrible sword and sorcery of this old enemy, it is Cursed Pirate Girl who comes to face her father's bane.

Leftover Useful Information[]

Creative Team[]

Writer/Artist/Creator: Jeremy Bastian.

Publishing History[]

A pilot issue was originally self-published in 2006. Scheduled to be republished by Archaia Studios Press in 2008 as part one of a six part series, delayed due to company sale to Kunoichi. First issue reaches print April 2009 from Olympian Publishing, solicited as issue one of a three part series.

Future Publication Dates[]

Dates subject to change at the whims of the publisher or distributor. Please see the Diamond Shipping Lists for current information.

Cursed Pirate Girl #3: Aug 2009

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