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Crying Freeman 4

Cover to Crying Freeman vol. 4

Crying Freeman was published by Dark Horse Comics. Price per volume is $14.95.

Publication Dates[]

Last Issue[]

Crying Freeman Vol. 4: 13 Dec 2006

Current Issue[]

Crying Freeman Vol. 5: 14 Mar 2007

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Tankōbon manga collection. Scheduled for five volumes.


Main Characters[]

  • Yō Hinomura (火野村窯)/Crying Freeman/Lóng Tài-Yáng - A Japanese potter who is kidnapped by the 108 Dragons, a powerful Chinese mafia, and hypnotized into becoming an assassin.
  • Emu Hino (日野絵霧)/Hǔ Qīng-Lán - A lonely and beautiful Japanese artist, who Crying Freeman is hired to kill, but they fall in love instead.

Minor Characters[]

  • Hǔ Fēng-Líng (虎風鈴)/Grandmother Tiger - former head of the 108 Dragons.
  • Bái-Yá Shàn (白牙扇) - Hǔ Fēng-Líng's granddaughter.
  • Huáng Dé-Yuán (黄徳源) - 108 Dragons member who accompanies and assists Crying Freeman.

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Recent Storylines[]

Crying Freeman Vol. 5[]

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Crying Freeman Vol. 4[]

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Crying Freeman Vol. 3[]

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Crying Freeman Vol. 2[]

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Crying Freeman Vol. 1[]

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Leftover Useful Information[]

Creative Team[]

Writer/Creator: Kazuo Koike (小池一夫). Artist/Creator/Covers: Goseki Kojima (小島剛夕).

Publishing History[]

Originally published in Japan as Cryingフリーマン in the anthology Weekly Big Comic Spirits from 1986–1988.

Viz originally published an English language translation in 33 parts from 1989–1992.

Future Publication Dates[]

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