Comic Book Series

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Rules and Boundaries

This Wiki is intended to host information about Comic Book Series. It is not for information about movies, television shows, cartoons, etc.

All pages should conform to the standard format, which can be found in the Wikiskeleton. Be sure to note the comments in the Wikiskeleton - they include important information on what information should go in which section, formatting, etc.

Please do not post any copyrighted material to this Wiki, unless the material falls under fair use.

Do not post nonsense or gibberish onto pages. Do not post spam (e.g. non-relevant external links). Do not post anything abusive to comic creators, or to other Wiki users.

New user? Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the standard presentation of pages in this wiki before jumping in to edit! Good tasks to get your feet wet on include adding issue summaries and character descriptions. Please wait until you have a track record of contributions before making major changes (and even then it is good to launch into a discussion before doing so!)

Recent Issues

You can post information on the storyline and characters in any comic book title up to the last issue. Do not post any story information about the issue that is currently on the stands.

If a series hasn't had a new issue for more than six months, information about the current issue may be entered. If a series has ended or merged/split into another series, wait at least a month from the publication date before entering information on the final issue.

Information from a current issue that is always ok to enter: The creative team and publication date. The story title may be entered only if it does not give away events within the story.

This Wiki Is Not...

  • This Wiki is not a replacement for the comic books. The goal is to update new readers and remind existing readers of what happened in an issue.
  • This Wiki is not a replacement for the GCD. We don't need to include as much detail as they include, and we want to stay current.
  • This Wiki is not a review site, and should not be filled with personal opinions. Stick to the facts as much as possible.
  • This Wiki is not a spoiler site. There should never be any spoilers for any current issue added to this wiki.
  • This Wiki is not a speculation site. Please do not include solicit text for future issues nor any speculation on what such text might mean for the storyline.
  • This Wiki is not a place for entries on comic creators. Feel free to include external links to other wikis (e.g. Wikipedia) to link to information about creators.