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Black Cat 1

Cover to Black Cat vol. 1

Black Cat is published by Viz as part of the Shonen Jump line. Current price is $7.99 per volume.

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Black Cat, vol. 19: 04 Mar 2009

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Black Cat, vol. 20: 06 May 2009

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Bimonthly. Tankōbon. Scheduled for twenty volumes.


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Black Cat, vol. 20[]

This is the current volume, and therefore no story information will be posted about this issue. Please check your local comic shop for copies of this issue.

WorldCat - ISBN 1421523795

Black Cat, vol. 19[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421523787

Black Cat, vol. 18[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421516098

Black Cat, vol. 17[]

WorldCat - ISBN 142151608X

Black Cat, vol. 16[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421516071

Black Cat, vol. 15[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421516063

Black Cat, vol. 14[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421516055

Black Cat, vol. 13[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421516047

Black Cat, vol. 12[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421514702

Black Cat, vol. 11[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421510405

Black Cat, vol. 10[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421510391

Black Cat, vol. 9[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421510383

Black Cat, vol. 8[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421510375

Black Cat, vol. 7[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421510367

Black Cat, vol. 6[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421506106

Black Cat, vol. 5[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421506092

Black Cat, vol. 4[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421506084

Past Storylines[]

Black Cat, vol. 3[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421506076

Black Cat, vol. 2[]

WorldCat - ISBN 1421506068

Black Cat, vol. 1[]

WorldCat - ISBN 142150605X


"Train Heartnet was once a legendary assassin known as 'Black Cat' and belonged to a secret society called Chronos. But two years ago he faked his own death in order to leave Chronos and become a bounty hunter, able to live by his own rules. His main mission in life now is to find Creed Diskense, a former Chronos member who killed his best friend. Train and his partner Sven are joined by a sexy thief named Rinslet and an amazing young girl named Eve who is a creation of nanotechnology!"

Leftover Useful Information[]

Creative Team[]

Created, Written and Drawn by Kentaro Yabuki (矢吹健太朗).

Publishing History[]

First published in Japan as ブラックキャット from 2000–2004 in the anthology Shonen Jump.

First English-language translation published by Viz in 2006.

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