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The man Benson

Benson is a comic strip, created by Peter Durston and Tristram Baumber. Since 2006 it has been comfortably housed on the web at

Spurious Facts[]

Although no one knows the exact origins of Benson, it is believed by some that he was born as a response to rising export tariffs. Most however, like to believe that he burst fully-formed out of the sun itself, screaming "Ouch! That's really hot!"

While Benson is planning to run for Mayor Of The World at some point in the near future, at the moment he is happy running a household and "trying to keep that monkey off his back".

He is a proud supporter of octagenarian flu immunity, and hopes one day to be allowed access to his children, who are at this time oblivious to his existence.

Less-Spurious Facts[]

Benson is notable among comic strips in that it is an uncommunicative collaboration. This means that although it can be said Durston and Baumber work on the comic as a team, they do not work on it together. At no time do they ever speak about the manner in which the stories or artwork should proceed. The strip consists of six panels, and the authors take turns to draw each alternating square. The resulting story is random and completely unplanned.

Although Benson has been in existence since 2002, it was not until 2006 that the strip was offered up for public consumption.

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