Comic Book Series
Amazing Fantasy

First Issue

Amazing Fantasy is a Marvel comic book that introduced Spider-Man.

Publication Date[]

Last Issue[]

Amazing Fantasy #19 May 2006

Current Issue[]

Amazing Fantasy #20 June 2006

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Changed to Amazing Spider-Man in 1962 but was relaunched in 1995 and was canceled after three issues. Then it was relaunced again in 2004.


Main Characters[]

  • Carmilla Black
  • Miquel
  • Derek Khanta
  • Monica Rappaccini
  • Spider-Girl
  • Varina Goddard
  • Agent Braccia
  • Gil Corazon
  • Betty Brant

Recent Storylines[]

Amazing Fantasy #20[]

Amazing Fantasy #19[]

Death's Head has finally caught up with G.E.I.S.T. agent Ray Hidalgo as the clock runs out for the U.N./A.I.M. treaty. Is this the end of peace on earth? If Scientist Supreme Varina Goddard has her way, it's the end of Ray Hidalgo as well. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of THE NEW UNIVERSE, an 8-page bonus story featuring SPITFIRE by Justin Gray and Marshall Rogers. 

Amazing Fantasy #18[]

The Geneva treaty between the U.N. and A.I.M. is only hours away, paving the road to peace between the former techno-terrost organization and the world, but the newly activated cybernetic entity known as Death's Head threatens to change those plans. ALSO: In anticipation of next month's NEW UNIVERSE event, a bonus 8-page story featuring Mark Hazzard, MERC!